Trinity Sports Foundation … building character and confidence in children and youth by providing Christian-based sports activities in a safe and encouraging environment.  



One day, Pastor Scott Heusel, a former trainer for the San Diego Padres, gazed out at the land recently obtained by the church and pictured…kids. All kinds of kids, all colors of kids, all sizes of kids, kids playing soccer, kids playing baseball, kids playing volleyball.  And the idea was born.  Pastor Scott shared his vision for the property with Senior Pastor Dean Posey who suggested they walk the fields and pray.  Since that day, many people have been inspired by the Pastors’ passion and helped the vision of getting kids on the field become a reality.

“Now, with luck, Noah and 12 Gifts will be the spark that ignites a flame in Arlington and launches a unique sports opportunity for kids all over the city.”

– Jim Reeves