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Learning How to Lose (and Win) Gracefully

By January 15, 2018In the News

In even a friendly game of soccer or baseball, someone’s got to win and someone’s got to lose. Even without stakes, even with nothing on the line, the clock is going to run out and one team is going to have a higher score.  Most every child that participates in youth sports has been on both sides of the field when it comes to victory and defeat.

And that’s a good thing. Both winning and losing teach valuable lessons to those who reflect on them, lessons that can be carried into adulthood and applied to anything: higher education, a career, even family dynamics. It’s not so much if you win or lose, but how you win or lose. There’s grace to be had in either. In losing, kids can learn to manage their disappointment and instead focus on congratulating their rivals for a game well played and a victory well earned. In winning, kids can learn to manage their pride and to channel it into empathy towards the other team. It comes down to the same thing: you all played the best game possible and what separates the winning team from the losing team is a simple number, not lack of effort or love for the game.

Being on both sides of the field also helps in other ways. If you’ve known defeat, you can appreciate what it is to lose even in your moments of victory. That’s the thing about life. When you win, it oftentimes means that someone else lost out in some way or another. If you’re promoted, someone was passed over. If you’re accepted into a college, another hopeful student was rejected. Knowing this can keep anyone, from a child to an adult, humble and graceful in their moments of victory.

Likewise when you experience setbacks. If you’ve experienced victory before, you know that even when time are tough you can often turn things around merely by keeping a positive attitude, reviewing what went wrong and how you could do things better, and not dwelling on bitterness and disappointment.

Youth sports are invaluable in that they offer these life lessons at a young age in a safe and healthy manner. It’s good to win and even better to lose if you’ve got the right attitude about it.

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