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The Lessons That Sports Teach Best

By March 8, 2018In the News

School is where your kids go to learn about math, science, and history, but we all know that there’s more to making a well-rounded adult than just hitting the books. There are some life lessons that kids can learn best by participating in sports, lessons that can shape who they become and affect how far they go in life. So just remember, when a child takes to the field for a game of soccer, baseball, or football, there’s more happening than just the back and forth of the match.

Seize Your Opportunities

This harks back to the old adage of carpe diem. Seize the day. When you recognize a chance to succeed or to advance, don’t hesitate. Act decisively and go for it. This applies as much to stealing a base as it does to snagging a scholarship or a job opportunity later in life. Identify your possibilities and recognize the potential inside yourself to achieve them.

Commit to Your Decisions Fully

This ties in with seizing your opportunities. Once you make a decision, pursue your goal with conviction and focus. To do otherwise is to sabotage your efforts. Anyone who’s played a sport knows that if you don’t fully commit to an action, that action is likely doomed to failure. It’s when we put everything we have into making a critical play that we can critically succeed.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Once you’ve identified an opportunity and committed to its pursuit, you’ve got to have the devotion and discipline to see it through. It’s one thing to recognize what you have to do, another to take steps to achieve it, and yet another thing to see it done. Seeing something through to completion, keeping your eye on that ball, that prize, is what separates high achievers from everyone else. Keeping your eye on the ball means that you more often than not successfully catch it, and the same can be true of those who are focused on their life goals.

Help Support Trinity Sports Foundation

Not every child gets an opportunity to learn these valuable life lessons. Economically disadvantaged children and teens often can’t afford the gear and sign up fees for organized youth sports. This is where Trinity Sports Foundation steps in.

Created to provide a Christian-based sports venue for youths regardless of race, economics means, religion, or athletic ability, Trinity Sports Foundation works with other non-profits, like the Salvation Army, Safe Haven, Arlington Urban Ministries, and YMCA, to give hundreds of underprivileged and at-risk youths opportunities to play sports and make new friends in a safe environment.

Trinity Sports Foundation currently has 3 full fields that can be used for soccer or football with more facilities on the way, including volleyball courts, baseball fields, and a family pavilion. If you’d like to further this vision and help positively change the lives of underprivileged and at-risk youths in DFW, consider donating to Trinity Sports Foundation today. You can also consider donating your time by participating in one of our upcoming events!