Trinity Sports Foundation was created to provide Christian based sporting activities for children, youth and adults, regardless of race, economic means, religion or athletic ability.​

TRINITY SPORTS FOUNDATION: What Began as a Vision is Now a Dream Coming True
By Jim Reeves

A young Pastor was the first to see it. The young Trinity United Methodist Church youth Pastor looked out across Trinity’s brand new 28-acre campus eight years ago and saw something that filled his eyes with tears…. of joy.
He looked beyond the empty acres of grass and dirt, stretching from Trinity’s impressive new building, with its expansive sanctuary and the church’s first-ever activity center, all the way to the corner of Pioneer Parkway and Green Oaks Boulevard.
He didn’t see an empty field of grass and dirty and rock. He saw the future.
He saw kids. Running. Playing. Kicking balls. He heard them, too, shouting with delight. Laughing. Kids of all colors, shapes and sizes. Kids, enjoying life the way God meant them to enjoy it.
Give him credit, the young Pastor saw it first, but make no mistake, there are three men at the center of what would become the Trinity Sports Foundation. It took senior minister Dean Posey’s generosity and commitment and it is Bill Bowie’s energy, dedication and the heart of the Trinity Sports Foundation. They are what makes it tick and what make it special.

The potential challenges or the roadblocks others might have seen didn’t faze them. They caught the vision too, and put his passion, money and organization skills to work in forming TSF. Bowie, who spent 14 years on the board at the Arlington YMCA, is the TSF board’s chairman. Trinity’s senior pastor, Dean Posey, threw his total support behind the mission, donating100 percent of the proceeds from his book, “12 Gifts We Can’t Afford to Lose,” to support the endeavor.
What they saw was a community’s most precious resource of all.

And not just any kids, either. They saw kids who might never have had a chance to play organized sports or be part of a team, kids who had never pulled on a real team jersey, or a ball glove, or worn a pair of real soccer shoes.
Trinity’s move to its new land-rich home from its original landlocked location on West Park Row had opened up a whole new vista of possibilities.
That vision spawned the Trinity Sports Foundation, whose mission is to provide Christian-based sporting activities for children, youth and adults, regardless of race, economic means, religion or athletic ability.

“TSF Play Days” have allowed hundreds of kids from our partner charities to enjoy a day of sports, games, fun and fellowship. They come by the busloads and any many might otherwise never have the opportunity to just have fun in a safe Christian environment.

TSF hosts a fund-raising golf tournament at Shady Valley Country Club in Arlington each spring, drawing a field of 120 golfers the first year (2016) and 140 in the second and again a full field of players in 20187. Sponsorships have come from Bill and Shari Bowie, Baylor Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, Texas Rangers, Moritz Car Dealerships, Hutcherson Construction, JW Neal and Associates, Bob Moore Construction, Tryco Construction, Modern Woodmen, Texas Clear (owned by Odes Mitchell) and Jerry and Becky McCullough. It is the generosity of these local businesses and individuals along with our full field of players and a silent auction that has raised ample funds every year. Funds that have helped to keep our fields well maintained, and some of the best fields in the area.

The entire playing field area has now been lined with a black, galvanized (more attractive than silver chain link) 6-foot high fence to help provide a safe environment for the kids. There are three full-sized soccer fields and a mini softball/baseball practice field in operation. Two different select soccer teams have contracted to use the fields for practice during the week in the summer of 2017 and all the fields are in use on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons with a full schedule of YMCA-sponsored games. TSF has invested in an irrigation system to keep the grass fields green and lush.

What Bowie and Dr. Posey and the TSF committee envision for the future is a fully engaged sports center with lighted fields, concession areas, pavilions and a full-sized softball/baseball diamond. The soccer fields could also double as flag football venues.

(Jim Reeves, a member at Trinity UMC for more than a quarter of a century, it is a retired sports columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and ESPN)


Bill Bowie, Chair
Claire Wheeler, Vice Chair
Lynn Phillips
Brenda Davidson
Mike Jentsch
Brent Sanderson
Doug Glotfelty
Kevin Anderson

Jerry McCullough
Sharon Bowie
Mike Kelly
Ryan Lockhart
Sherri Isom
Valerie Salter
Dr. Dean Posey